Excellent Outsourcing Services

We provide European and Scandinavian businesses with full-scope nearshoring services, placing quality as our top priority. All our services are performed by highly skilled and qualified employees, who share our clients’ culture and mentality, and work in offices located right here in Europe, less than two hours away from most Scandinavian airports.

Call Center Outsourcing

Runway call center outsourcing services combine cost reduction and process improvement with excellent customer service, quality assurance and highly trained employees, fluent in Scandinavian and other languages to make your customers feel like they have called a local call center.

Accounting Services

Nearshoring your accounting services to Runway is the fastest and easiest way to improve your accounting processes and significantly reduce costs related to managing an in-house accounting department.


Language and communication skills are key to being successful in telemarketing. Runway combines native speaker language proficiency with highly specific telesales tactics, developed by experienced telemarketers that know how to get any product or service sold.

IT Outsourcing

We follow latest IT trends and use latest technological advancements to provide innovative IT solutions that help our clients increase business process efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage with excellent cost-performance ratios.

HR Outsourcing

We rely on in-depth recruitment and employment knowledge and 13 years of HRM experience to provide all types of HR outsourcing services and ensure fast recruitment of people with highly-specific employee profiles.

Tailor Made Solutions

Our goal is to help our clients reach theirs. To make it possible, all our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and the industry they are working in. From employee recruitment to service provision, we provide first-rate nearshoring services with an outstanding cost-performance ratio.

Back Office Services

Runway back office services ensure process improvement and cost reduction with outstanding service quality and real time service monitoring, while retaining scalability and adaptability to the clients’ needs and requirements.

Data Entry

Highly efficient and accurate data entry services with remarkable cost-performance ratios, ability to process data with various degrees of complexity in 15 languages and meticulous quality assurance processes.

Market Surveys

Runway market survey services will help you obtain precise and accurate data quickly and with minimal quota overruns. We use native speaker employees working in 10:1 service teams to ensure outstanding data quality while retaining remarkable cost-effectiveness.

  • Combining cost reduction and process improvement
  • Excellent customer service with professional in-house training programs
  • Nearshoring call centers from 5 countries with 15 language proficiency
  • Quality assurance, high process transparency and real-time data access
  • Partner-to-partner cooperation with tailor made BPO services


Nearshore Call Centers

Runway is among the largest call center service providers located outside Scandinavia that offers call center outsourcing services in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and 11 other languages. With more than 13 years of BPO experience and over 800 employees in 9 offices across 6 countries, we takes pride in being the leading BPO partner for Scandinavian businesses looking for call center outsourcing services performed by highly trained professionals with excellent language skills and high customer service quality standards. In contrast to offshore BPO companies, we are a nearshoring BPO service provider, thus being able to recruit employees with a similar culture and mentality as the client's own, and making it much simpler for Scandinavian clients to visit Runway offices, as the flight to most offices takes less than two hours from most Scandinavian airports.

Call Center Outsourcing

Tailor made services is one of the key features that differentiate Runway from other BPO service providers. Each client is perceived as a partner, rather than being merely a service receiver, which is why building mutual trust is of crucial importance. Furthermore,we provide each client with a service package that is specifically designed for their needs and requirements, and our outsourcing services are performed by highly motivated and experienced people working in offices that follow Scandinavian work environment standards. The general setup for call center service teams consists of dedicated service teams – servicing only one client – with one team-leader per every ten employees, although the set-up can be modified, as per the clients needs and requirements. Additionally to call center outsourcing services, we also offers IT infrastructure implementation services for companies that are looking to develop in-house call center departments.

Find out more: IT Architecture and IT Infrastructure implementation

Runway Call Center Services:

  • Inbound and outbound call centers
  • 1st and 2nd level customer support
  • 15 call center service languages
  • Quality assurance and monitoring
  • End-user satisfaction level research
  • Forecasting and scheduling
  • People management

Other Call Center Related Services:

  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Setting up work stations
  • Setting up servers and IP telephony
  • IT infrastructure implementation services for in-house call centers

Quality Assurance

Ensuring that all outsourcing services are of the highest quality is our top priority. As part of call center outsourcing services, we also offer quality monitoring services, performed by a separate quality assurance team that keeps track of critical error accuracy, customer satisfaction and other quality requirements, and provides regular reports about each client’s quality metrics.

Runway can also provide call center outsourcing services that comply with various quality metrics and end customer satisfaction benchmarks, which are closely monitored and analyzed in order to ensure excellent service quality.

Call Center Service Quality Metrics:

  • 80% of calls answered within 20 seconds
  • 90% of calls answered within 1 minute (alternative to 80-20)
  • 90% of transactions without business critical errors
  • 98% of transactions performed without end-user critical errors
  • 99.5% of transactions without compliance critical errors
  • First call resolution depending on the client’s requirements
  • VIP customer prioritization depending on the client’s requirements
  • Recording and monitoring of all transactions performed
  • Tracking average handling times for all types of transactions

Customer Satisfaction Survey Benchmarks:

  • At least 85% satisfied or very satisfied (reporting 4 or 5 on a scale from 1-5)
  • Less than 2% dissatisfied (reporting 1 on a scale from 1-5)

Employee Training and Bonus Packages

To ensure excellent call center service quality, Runway places a strong emphasis on the development of professional and in-depth training programs and qualification tests. Over the years of providing outsourcing services, Runway has even developed a separate department called the Runway Academy that provides skill and language training programs, and tests employee qualification and language proficiency levels. On top of that, Runway Academy is also designed to give all employees a chance to acquire new skills and transition from one position to another, without having to change company or attend special training courses elsewhere, thus ensuring higher long-term employee loyalty. Furthermore, Runway also provides special stress management and crisis handling trainings to prepare their employees for emergency situation management. In order to boost employee morale and reduce overall attrition levels, Runway also offers employee motivation schemes and bonus packages, which can be designed in accordance with client's requirements, to ensure that all employees working for that client are provided with specific work conditions and rewards for outstanding performance.

Platforms and Security

While being flexible and capable of working on any platform requested by the client, Runway has vast experience in using various call center service platforms. With regards to security, Runway is currently working towards obtaining the PCI DSS certificate as well as taking other security measures in order to provide safe call center services. Additional security measures include the use of VPN firewalls, separate VPN servers for communication with the client, multiple networks and backup power supply solutions to ensure uninterrupted services in case of technical failures and even the use of multiple offices for call center service provision.

Platforms Used by Runway:

  • Cisco IP telephony
  • Oracle email and chat platforms
  • Amadeus airline reservation system
  • Galileo GDS airline reservation system
  • Visma, SAP and Xledger accounting platforms
  • Platforms developed by Runway IT development team
  • Platforms already used by the client
  • Other third-party platforms



Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Certificate (PCI DSS) 2016

All branch offices of Runway are fully prepared to provide services in full compliance with the PCI DSS certification standards. In compliance with the requirements of this certificate, all sensitive data (eg. credit card payment information) processed by Runway call centers are stored in a highly secure environment and handled in accordance with international data security standards, thus guaranteeing maximum safety and data protection for all Runway clients and their customers. Read more.

Combine cost reduction and process improvement with excellent Call center services.

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A partnership with Runway is based on openness, honesty and establishment of mutual trust, so that you can rest assured that our outsourcing services will always be performed with quality as our top priority. All we need to do to start a partnership is follow these five steps.
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