Excellent Outsourcing Services

We provide European and Scandinavian businesses with full-scope nearshoring services, placing quality as our top priority. All our services are performed by highly skilled and qualified employees, who share our clients’ culture and mentality, and work in offices located right here in Europe, less than two hours away from most Scandinavian airports.

Call Center Outsourcing

Runway call center outsourcing services combine cost reduction and process improvement with excellent customer service, quality assurance and highly trained employees, fluent in Scandinavian and other languages to make your customers feel like they have called a local call center.

Accounting Services

Nearshoring your accounting services to Runway is the fastest and easiest way to improve your accounting processes and significantly reduce costs related to managing an in-house accounting department.


Language and communication skills are key to being successful in telemarketing. Runway combines native speaker language proficiency with highly specific telesales tactics, developed by experienced telemarketers that know how to get any product or service sold.

IT Outsourcing

We follow latest IT trends and use latest technological advancements to provide innovative IT solutions that help our clients increase business process efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage with excellent cost-performance ratios.

HR Outsourcing

We rely on in-depth recruitment and employment knowledge and 13 years of HRM experience to provide all types of HR outsourcing services and ensure fast recruitment of people with highly-specific employee profiles.

Tailor Made Solutions

Our goal is to help our clients reach theirs. To make it possible, all our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and the industry they are working in. From employee recruitment to service provision, we provide first-rate nearshoring services with an outstanding cost-performance ratio.

Back Office Services

Runway back office services ensure process improvement and cost reduction with outstanding service quality and real time service monitoring, while retaining scalability and adaptability to the clients’ needs and requirements.

Data Entry

Highly efficient and accurate data entry services with remarkable cost-performance ratios, ability to process data with various degrees of complexity in 15 languages and meticulous quality assurance processes.

Market Surveys

Runway market survey services will help you obtain precise and accurate data quickly and with minimal quota overruns. We use native speaker employees working in 10:1 service teams to ensure outstanding data quality while retaining remarkable cost-effectiveness.

  • Native speaker telemarketing services in 15 languages (including all Scandinavian languages)
  • Skilled and highly motivated telemarketers with in-depth sales knowledge and experience
  • Inbound and outbound telemarketing services with remarkable conversion rates
  • Vast experience in IT/call center infrastructure implementation and highly qualified employee recruitment


Telemarketing Services Based on In-Depth Experience

Having worked with numerous telemarketing projects, we have learned from experience that the first 10 seconds of a telesales call are of crucial importance, as they often determine the success of the entire call. We know that selling products and services over the phone requires a specific set of skills that are needed to persuade potential customers to hear out and consider a sales offer. To ensure best possible results, our telemarketers are trained to use the first 10 seconds to “look” through the phone and “see” the customer, so that they can quickly decide on the best tactic for approaching each specific customer and adapt their approach to the mood and tone of the customer in order to establish a personal connection and get the customer interested in starting a dialogue, as the success of a telesales call is also closely related to the customer's willingness to engage in a two-sided conversation. To help our clients promote and sell their products or services, we offer the following nearshore telemarketing services:

  • Inbound telesales services
  • Outbound telesales services
  • IT/call center infrastructure implementation

Runway Telesales Services

We offer inbound and outbound telesales services, performed by highly skilled and qualified employees with in-depth knowledge and excellent language proficiency. The uniqueness of our telemarketing services is based on highly demanding recruitment requirements as well as a highly specific IT infrastructure and workstation set-up. All of our telemarketers are required to have excellent communication skills and past experience in telemarketing. Furthermore, because telemarketing is a service that requires complete language control, all of our telemarketers are also required to be native speakers of the language they are working in. With regards to the infrastructure, our telemarketing teams use a special software to mask the caller ID and replace it with a specific phone number from the region that an outbound call is made to. This approach helps increase our telesales conversion rates, as it significantly reduces the likelihood that a call is rejected or a sales pitch dismayed due to the fact that it is coming from abroad.

IT/Call Center Infrastructure Implementation

For companies that do not wish to outsource their telemarketing functions, but are looking to set up an in-house telemarketing department, we also offer IT infrastructure implementation services, ranging from implementation of all the necessary hardware, software and IVR telephony systems to the recruitment of highly qualified employees with customer-specified employee profiles. Over the years we have acquired vast experience in setting up our own IT infrastructure for the provision of telemarketing, IT support, call center as well as other outsourcing services, which gives us the means and resources needed to provide cost-effective and high-quality solutions. On top of that, our recruitment and training program development experience, combined with presence in multiple European countries, also enables us to provide professional HR outsourcing services, including recruitment, training and management of employees hired for our clients' in-house telemarketing departments.

Motivation and Quality Assurance

To ensure outstanding service quality, we provides our telemarketers with a specifically designed work environment and various motivation schemes that encourages our telemarketers to strive for the best possible results. Depending on the agreement with the client, various methods can be used to raise employee motivation, although a common method used for raising motivation entails linking our employee earnings to their sales performance as well as using various rewards and salary bonuses that can be earned through outstanding performance. Because a creative and stimulating work environment can be equally important for achieving the best possible sales results, Runway telemarketing departments usually have music playing in the background, and all employees are provided with wireless headsets that allow them to move around while performing their daily tasks. Additionally, we also promote solidarity among our telemarketers, which is why team meetings are organized on a daily basis, during which all employees have a chance to share their experiences with co-workers and advise each other on sales tactics that work as well recommending against tactics that do not.

Quality Monitoring

With regards to quality monitoring, all incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and stored in a secure database, so that they can be reviewed and analyzed in order to assess the quality and accuracy of the information provided as well as the sales tactics employed by our telemarketers. Depending on the agreement with the client, we can either assign a special quality monitoring team that reviews these calls, or they can be sent off to be reviewed by the client. In case if an employee fails to meet the established quality standards, immediate action is taken and additional training is provided in order to ensure that all service quality standards are fully complied with.

Platform and Service Flexibility

We take pride in being a highly flexible BPO service provider, capable of adapting our services to the needs and requirements our clients, not just in relation to our tailor made services, but also with regards to the platforms used to provide our telemarketing services. While being capable of working with any platform provided by the client, we also have the ability to develop various platforms that are specifically designed for our clients' needs and requirements, ranging from specifically designed IVR telephony systems to unique CRM platforms. In case a client has no specific requirements, we have also acquired in-depth knowledge and experience in using third-party platforms, widely used by many telemarketing service providers. These include NextCom Evolution CRM platform, Cisco telephone system and many other widely known platforms. On top of that, if no currently existing IT system suits the client’s needs, we can also use our web development experience to design and program systems specifically designed for our clients needs.



Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Certificate (PCI DSS) 2017

Data security is highly important to Runway, especially when it comes to handling credit card information over the phone or in an online environment. In order to provide their clients with a secure service environment, all branch offices of Runway are fully prepared to provide services in full compliance with the PCI DSS certification standards, which has highly demanding requirements when it comes to data security as well as other processes related to the handling and processing of sensitive data. Read more.

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