Runway at a glance

Runway is a multi-lingual business process center. Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving their sales and revenue goals.Through excellent customer experience we will deliver high value service to our clients in line with their expectations and agreed goals.

Key Facts about Runway

14+ years

Experience in Business process outsourcing

10 branch offices

Providing nearshore services from 6 countries

900+ Employees

Highly-educated, motivated and friendly employees

History based on experience

Over 13 years of BPO experience, combined with excellent in-house language and skills training programs, makes Runway the ideal nearshoring partner for Scandinavian and other European businesses looking for outsourcing services. Runway outsourcing services give their clients a chance to work with the latest technological solutions, without having to invest in developing an in-house service department, thus enabling their clients to focus on core business processes, while Runway takes care of the rest. The uniqueness of Runway BPO services lies with their tailor made solutions and the focus on being an all-included BPO service company, capable of providing various outsourcing services that are individually designed for each client's specific needs and requirements.

“A” Class offices in 6 countries

Runway works in accordance with the Scandinavian business standards, which is why all of their branch offices are also set up following Scandinavian work environment requirements. Besides maintaining strict peripheral security protocol measures to ensure complete client data protection, all Runway offices have an open and spacious layout in order to provide employees with a comfortable and stimulating work environment. Each department is designed to provide the best possible work conditions for their employees, so that the people working for Runway can enjoy a positive and healthy work atmosphere. From the use of latest IT solutions to provision of music and wireless headsets where necessary, Runway employees are guaranteed work conditions that help them achieve maximum productivity with a minimum toll on their physical and psychological health, thus ensuring a higher employee loyalty and lover overall attrition rates.

Runway Academy

To ensure excellent service quality, Runway places a strong emphasis on the development of professional and in-depth training programs and qualification tests. Over the years of providing outsourcing services, Runway has even developed a separate department called the Runway Academy that provides skill and language training programs, and tests employee qualification and language proficiency levels. On top of that, Runway Academy is also designed to give all employees a chance to acquire new skills and transition from one position to another, without having to change company or attend special training courses elsewhere, thus ensuring higher long-term employee loyalty. Norwegian language course has been taken by more than 15 groups, and we are proud of more than 100 students who, during intense 3 month course, have acquired and deepened their knowledge of Norwegian language.

Excellent Nearshoring Services

Most Runway offices are located in areas that can easily be reached within 2 hours from the majority of airports located in the Nordic countries.

Ideally located for nearshoring to:

Norway Finland Sweden Denmark