Starting a BPO Partnership

A partnership with Runway is based on openness, honesty and establishment of mutual trust, so that you can rest assured that our outsourcing services will always be performed with quality as our top priority. All we need to do to start a partnership is follow these five steps.

  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Preparation of supporting documents
  • Finalization of all documents


Upon negotiation completion the third step of drafting and finalizing all the necessary legal and supporting documents can begin. During this step, all negotiated and agreed-upon details are put on paper. Depending on the agreement with the client, this process may involve the use of legal documents prepared by Runway, or they can be based on document prepared by the client. By working together with the client on the preparation of these documents, we are able to ensure complete clarity and understanding of what the provided services will include. As for our clients, this approach enables them to discuss and negotiate nearly all aspects of the services they will be receiving. Furthermore, this approach also ensures that the provided services will align with our clients' overall business process outsourcing goals and comply with all of the employee and service quality requirements established in the previous steps. The legal documents prepared during this step include:

  • Master level agreement – elaborates the specifics regarding the duration of the partnership agreement and other management level service conditions.
  • Service level agreement – contains formal definitions of the provided services and clarifications of particular aspects regarding the outsourced services – goals, targets, quality, scope, delivery time, responsibilities and other service related specifics.
  • Statement of work – consists of general descriptions of the tasks and activities that will be performed by Runway.



In order to provide maximum service transparency and ensure that both parties fully agree on what the outsourced services will entail, additional supporting documents are prepared by Runway to clarify other details, which have not been included in the above mentioned documents. These supporting documents contain definitions and clarifications of specific processes and KPIs relating to each service, sub-service and quality assurance processes. As an example, if the outsourced service entails processing incoming customer service calls, the supporting document would contain a breakdown of the service into multiple tasks or processes – taking the call, processing information while the client is put on hold as well as additional after-call tasks required to finalize and register the customers requests.



The final stage of this step includes finalization of all the legal and supporting documents prepared. While the agreement to engage in a partnership has already been made, in reality finalizing legal documents can be a time consuming process. In light of this, the fourth step of starting a partnership may begin before the documents have been finalized in order to speed up the preparation and be able to start providing outsourcing services as soon as possible.


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