Starting a BPO Partnership

A partnership with Runway is based on openness, honesty and establishment of mutual trust, so that you can rest assured that our outsourcing services will always be performed with quality as our top priority. All we need to do to start a partnership is follow these five steps.

  • Implementation plan development
  • Readiness check-list preparation
  • Setting the go-live date


While finalization of all the legal and supporting documents may still be in progress, the fourth step of initiating a partnership begins. During this stage, two separate documents are developed – an overall implementation plan and a readiness check-list – which are then used to prepare for the go-live date. In the implementation plan, all the technical, human resource and legal requirements necessary for us to begin providing BPO services are identified and all preparation processes and methods are described in detail. This document also contains information regarding task responsibilities, start and end dates for all the elements included in the plan as well as the form and regularity of reporting about the preparation progress. Furthermore, an implementation plan timeline is developed, which gives us a realistic estimate of the go-live date, based on the amount of preparation required. By following this method, we are able to provide our clients with complete preparation process transparency as well as enabling them to closely monitor the preparation progress.



The readiness check-list is a document that usually includes over a hundred items – all the specific preparation tasks that need to be finished before the provision of services can begin. Each item listed in the check-list has a status indication – not ready, in process or complete – and reports regarding the preparation progress can be provided on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, as per the agreement with each client. The tasks included in this check-list range from hiring employees with specific qualifications and preparation of their work stations to the implementation of specific security measures and IT infrastructure as well as provision of language and skills trainings programs for the newly hired employees. Besides being able to monitor the status of each item listed, our clients are also given the possibility to check and verify the qualification of the employees that will be providing their services. In case a client's service team requires special training that can only be provided by a member of the client's company, the client will need to get involved in order to complete this check-list. Alternatively, our clients may also get involved in training program supervision by their own choosing, although Runway has extensive experience in professional training program development and our own Runway Academy serves as proof for our competence.



Once the implementation plan timeline is developed and the readiness check-list is prepared, the expected go-live date can be set, and the final step of starting a partnership begins with putting this plan to action. The general practice is such that the service provision can begin once 90% of the check-list have been completed.


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