Runway BPO values

Our core values are the essence of our identity - it’s what supports our vision, guides our decisions and reflects what we stand for. Upholding our values is what helps us succeed. It’s what our clients like about us, it’s who we are, and it’s what we do.

Equal opportunities

We operate under an equal opportunities policy and oppose all prejudices and discriminations based on racial, national, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious, or political grounds. We constantly look for professional development opportunities for our employees by providing training, feedback, action plans, evaluations and leadership programs.


We are honest in all our business procedures with clients and their customers as well as with our colleagues internally. Our moral standards give us the basis for taking pride in all our actions and strengthen our belief in what we are doing. We constantly strive to achieve an impeccable reputation in our industry.

Positive attitude

We always have a positive approach to each situation and look at improvement areas and challenges as the channels for further development and progress. We continually develop our workplace with the aim to make it a pleasant and fun place to be.


We have set high standards that are expected to be met or exceeded. We take full ownership for each project on corporate and individual level and ensure that every part from start to finish deserves equal attention and produces a high quality delivery. We understand how our role and contribution affect the total success and development of company's business.

Leading edge

We always aim to be at the forefront of the development in our industry in all areas. We pride ourselves in being innovative and keeping ourselves sharp and motivated by the dedication to being the market leader. We are on the alert to market changes and strive to be the proactive industry force.