BPO Solutions Based on In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Runway outsourcing services combine cost effective and reliable process management with longstanding experience in servicing companies from various industries.

Travel and Tourism

From call centers, IT and customer support to HR, accounting and back office services, we help travel and tourism companies efficiently manage their business processes and ensure high customer satisfaction with minimal risk for their business.


From recruitment and HR process management to accounting and customer support, Runway has the means and experience needed to provide professional and cost-effective BPO solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of your business.

Banking and Finance

Runway ability to provide cost-effective process improvements while retaining excellent service quality and high data security enables banking and finance companies to remain competitive, acquire new customers and achieve growth with minimal risk for their business.

IT & Telecommunications

With longstanding experience in servicing companies the IT&T industry, Runway has acquired the means to provide fast service team training and cost-effective process improvements, while retaining top-level service quality.

Market Research

Having completed thousands of telephone interviews and participated in numerous market surveying projects, we have the means and know-how to provide market research companies with fast and accurate data collection services with minimal quota overruns.

Other Industries

We provide custom made services that are designed to meet the needs of each specific business and industry. From call center outsourcing to back office services, our goal is to help our clients reach theirs.

  • Rigorous quality assurance processes
  • Cost-effective BPO solutions with outstanding service quality
  • Complete process transparency with real-time monitoring
  • Tailor made BPO service based on establishment of mutual trust


Aiding Banking and Finance Companies Ensure business Growth

Still recovering from the financial crisis, companies from the banking and finance industry are under constant pressure to introduce new products and services in order to remain competitive, attract new customers and retain their existing customers. Furthermore, B&F companies also need to be able to adapt to the increasing regulatory and security requirements as well as find new methods to improve business process efficiency in a cost-effective manner, while preserving top-level service quality, in order to ensure business growth and maintain profitability. Having acquired longstanding experience with BPO service provision to highly successful banking and finance companies, Runway has the means and experience to aid B&F companies achieve all of these goals with their front, middle and back office BPO services. With 7 offices located in 5 European countries, Runway can provide Nordic and Western European banking and finance companies with a wide range of nearshoring services performed by highly qualified and skilled employees working in accordance to the Scandinavian business mentality.

BPO Services for Banking and Finance:

  • Call centers and customer support with 15 service languages
  • IT support and in-house IT hardware implementation services
  • Human resource recruitment, training and management
  • Accounting and various back office services
  • Scanning solutions for invoices and receipts
  • Data entry and database development services
  • Data scanning, monitoring and verification services
  • Telemarketing and data collection for market research purposes
  • Other custom made BPO services

Reliability and Flexibility

Having established themselves as a nearshoring BPO service provider with high service quality standards and numerous partners from Nordic and Western European countries, Runway takes pride in being a highly reliable and flexible BPO company, capable of adapting all of their services to the needs and requirements of their partners. Furthermore, Runway strives to provide BPO services on a partner-to-partner basis, meaning that the establishment of mutual trust and reliability is just as important as providing cost-effective BPO solutions with excellent service quality. Because the banking and finance industry is highly sensitive to the constantly changing market conditions and customer satisfaction, this approach presents a great advantage for Runway clients, as it enables them to focus on their core competencies while resting assured, that all business processes outsourced to Runway will be performed in complete compliance with all agreed-upon efficiency and quality requirements and standards.

Quality Assurance

With 13 years of BPO service provision experience, Runway has established a rigorous quality assurance and monitoring processes. From thorough employee qualification testing and in-depth training provision to customer satisfaction and employee quality score monitoring, Runway has the means and know-how to provide their clients with quality assurance for all aspects of their provided BPO services. Furthermore, Runway also provides their clients with complete process transparency and real-time monitoring, so that they can keep a close check on the performance of the outsourced business processes at all times.

Client Data Protection and Security

Providing BPO services to companies from the banking and finance industry often involves handling of highly sensitive data, which requires strict data protection and security measures. With the infrastructure already implemented and security measures in place, Runway has undergone the auditing process to obtain the PCI DSS certificate. This certification guarantees that all sensitive data related to payment cards and cardholders are stored, processed and handled in accordance with strict, internationally regulated data security standards, thus ensuring maximum data protection for Runway clients and their customers.


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