BPO Solutions Based on In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Runway outsourcing services combine cost effective and reliable process management with longstanding experience in servicing companies from various industries.

Travel and Tourism

From call centers, IT and customer support to HR, accounting and back office services, we help travel and tourism companies efficiently manage their business processes and ensure high customer satisfaction with minimal risk for their business.


From recruitment and HR process management to accounting and customer support, Runway has the means and experience needed to provide professional and cost-effective BPO solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of your business.

Banking and Finance

Runway ability to provide cost-effective process improvements while retaining excellent service quality and high data security enables banking and finance companies to remain competitive, acquire new customers and achieve growth with minimal risk for their business.

IT & Telecommunications

With longstanding experience in servicing companies the IT&T industry, Runway has acquired the means to provide fast service team training and cost-effective process improvements, while retaining top-level service quality.

Market Research

Having completed thousands of telephone interviews and participated in numerous market surveying projects, we have the means and know-how to provide market research companies with fast and accurate data collection services with minimal quota overruns.

Other Industries

We provide custom made services that are designed to meet the needs of each specific business and industry. From call center outsourcing to back office services, our goal is to help our clients reach theirs.

  • Longstanding customer and IT support service experience
  • Rigorous quality monitoring and assurance processes
  • Cost-effective nearshoring services with outstanding service quality


Servicing The IT&T Industry

Information technology and telecommunications (IT&T) is an industry with huge potential for business process outsourcing, because BPO is the easiest way to achieve process improvements and cost reduction while retaining scalability, without having to worry about additional overhead costs related to managing in-house department expansion. The greatest risk, however, is related to threat that outsourcing services may reduce service quality and affect overall success of the company. Unlike other BPO companies located in distant countries, The Runway BPO approach entails providing nearshoring services to Nordic and Western European businesses from offices located within Europe. This approach enables Runway to provide cost-effective BPO services that are performed by people who share their client's culture and mentality. Furthermore, Runway service provision is based on a partner-to partner relationship, which implies the establishment of mutual trust and reliance on one-another, not just with regards to achieving the desired cost reduction but also in relation to maintaining the established service quality standards.

Runway Quality Standards

Service quality is a top priority for Runway, which is why all of their BPO services conform to rigorous quality assurance processes. From recruited employee qualification testing to data handling and peripheral security standards, Runway works hard to ensure that all aspects of their services conform to the quality requirements set by their own standard of excellence as well as client specified quality requirements. On top of that, Runway also provides their clients with complete process transparency and real-time service monitoring possibilities, which enables their clients to keep a close watch on the outsourced service performance.

Runway BPO Services

Over the years, Runway has collaborated with various companies form the IT&T industry located in Nordic and Western European countries. While the primary processes outsourced by IT&T companies are related to IT support, Runway has an outstanding nearshoring service provider with a wide range of services, including call center and customer support services, telemarketing, human resource recruitment and management services as well as various back office services. The uniqueness of Runway BPO approach lies with their tailor made services that are highly flexible and adapted to meet each clients specific needs and requirements. Furthermore, Runway is capable of providing cost-effective outsourcing services in 15 languages, including Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish languages, with a minimum of B2 language level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). With regards to services that require no less than excellent language proficiency, as is the case with Telemarketing services, Runway can even provide their clients with native speaker service teams for any of the 15 service languages.

Overcoming IT Support Challenges

One of the greatest challenges with providing IT support services to IT&T companies is related to the in-depth training required to provide 1st, 2nd and potentially 3rd level IT support. Furthermore, the more complex an IT system is, the more training needs to be provided, meaning that a lot of time and effort needs to be invested to ensure top-grade IT support quality. Having provided these services to a large variety of companies from the IT&T as well as other industries, Runway has developed numerous IT support training programs, thus acquiring extensive experience in such training program development. This experience has helped Runway establish a precise methodology for training program development, which enables them to provide in-depth training faster and more efficiently than many other BPO service providers, especially in comparison to other nearshoring service providers operating from within Europe.

When it comes to servicing Nordic companies from the IT & telecommunications industry, there is no other nearshoring company that can compare to Runway with regards to their unique BPO approach that combines cost-effectiveness with excellent service quality.


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