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Runway PCI DSS Compliance Update

Runway BPO | PCI DSS
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February 15, 2016

Accomplishments in 2015

2015 has been a busy year for Runway. The company has undergone major changes and all branch offices are now fully prepared to provide services in full compliance with the PCI DSS certification standards, making Runway one of the largest PCI DSS compliant call center and back office service provider in the Baltic states with excellent Scandinavian language proficiency and the ability to provide custom outsourcing solutions to businesses from the legal and financial industries as well as tourism, transportation and other industries.

PCI DSS compliance

In order to meet the requirements set by the PCI DSS, we have implemented major changes in several key areas that affect virtually all of the services provided from our offices. These changes include:

  • Network security proof of concept

As part of our efforts to become PCI DSS compliant, we have undergone extensive network penetration tests, designed to assess the security level for our inner and outer networks. The external service provider responsible for performing this proof of concept concluded that our network security complies to all PCI DSS requirements.

  • CISCO network infrastructure implemented

Thanks to a collaborative effort between our own and external Cisco certified specialists we have moved all our communication and data transmission to Cisco network infrastructure, which uses Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Networks (DMWPN) for all data transfers, ensuring even higher data security and data encryption standards that are even more advanced than required by PCI DSS. On top of that, thanks to the newly implemented Cisco core systems, routers and switches, we have increased our service capacity and standardised our infrastructure, thus improving our service flexibility within the company, simplifying the process of integrating our systems with those used by our clients and making use of client selected softwares and platforms for our service provision even simpler and safer than it was until now.

  • Physical security concept improved

As per the PCI DSS requirements, all our branch offices are now equipped with additional physical security measures such as electronic security badges for all employees, which help us keep track of everyone who comes in and goes out of our offices as well as lets us restrict access to specific areas within our offices to all unauthorized personnel.

  • Changing employee mentality

In addition to physical security measures, we've also placed an emphasis on getting our employees used to stricter security measures and procedures by providing them with extensive security guidelines and additional security training, which all employees must abide to ever since we became PCI DSS compliant.

Implications for our clients

Services with and without PCI DSS

While the fact that we can finally provide services in full compliance to the PCI DSS certification requirements means that we are able meet all security requirements set for businesses from the legal and financial industry, we will still continue providing services to clients, who do not need to meet all the PCI DSS requirements and do not wish to pay the additional costs related to managing PCI DSS compliant call centers, back offices or other services.

Additional security for all clients

Even though the biggest changes apply to clients who require PCI DSS compliant outsourcing services, the changes implemented in 2015 have improved services for all of our clients, because improvements such as the implemented physical security measures and the use of DMWPN connections apply to all Runway services across all branch offices. On top of that, our emphasis on optimizing time and resource management across all levels also means that our existing clients can rest assured that we know how to manage our own costs in order to remain competitive, keep providing cost-effective services and offer highly flexible services based on tailor made outsourcing solutions to new clients as well.

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